Boyde’s Classic Dramas

This is the archive of Patrick Boyde’s dramatic productions of the classics. Start from here and semi-stage your own performance of scenes from Homer, Sophocles, Virgil, Milton, Wordsworth, Byron or the Bible! There are productions of different lengths to suit all capacities. Each production has:

  • an actors’ script, most with English translation where the original language is not English;
  • slides, which contain either the English text or translation;
  • the original theatrical programme, where available; and
  • a list of incidental music items.

The scripts are provided in Microsoft Word format, and the slides as PowerPoint, to be reused and edited, each with a PDF version for ease of viewing, and with a Word version of the text divided into slides, which we have found can be easier for the slides synchroniser to follow. Other files are supplied as PDF.