• Gill Jondorf translated the text into the terse yet poetic surtitles that adorn the slides of the productions not in English.
  • James Willetts patiently filmed and fastidiously edited all the films that appear in our YouTube channel
  • Daniel Erik Anderson and Gabriele Rota organized the digital and physical archives from which most of the materials on the site are drawn.
  • Reuben Thomas completed the digital and physical archives of Pat’s productions, and designed and implemented the web site.
  • The site’s logo is a half-mask of the Greek god Apollo, who is among other things the god of theatre. The mask, used in ancient Greek drama, signifies drama, and the half-mask the “semi-staged” technique used in Pat Boyde's productions. The mask was created by Jonathan Becker, who kindly gave permission for its image to be used for this project. His masks can be found at