Conquering Hero (Psalm 24)

This very short production, just a few verses from a very famous Psalm in the translation into Ancient Greek (2300 BCE) was created for a school workshop (see newspaper articles below under Further reading). A group of nine-year-olds began work at 9.30 a.m. (learning the alphabet as they went along) and performed at 3.30 p.m.

It presents an epic fragment with an astonishing afterlife (it might be titled The King of Glory). It offers images from Mycenae and Persepolis, and music from Beethoven and Handel.

Zip file of everything

Teaching notes


Slides (teaching aid)

Further Reading

Bonus production: In the Name of the Nazarene

Materials for another, similarly short production of a New Testament passage that has strong resonances with Conquering Hero.

  • Introduction: PDF
  • Audio recording part 1: MP3
  • Audio recording part 2: MP3
  • Text (short version): PDF
  • Text (long version): PDF